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Phoenix, AZ /

Ruby::AZ Meetup - Parallelism and Threads with Ruby

Go Daddy 2150 E. Warner 85284 , Tempe, AZ (map)

This month we have Tom Branson presenting on Parallelism and Threads with Ruby

Presentation Description:

My topic will address Parallelism and Threads with Ruby, and some of the proposals for Guilds in MRI 3.0. I plan to keep the talk on an introductory to intermediate level, so that new Ruby programmers can learn with real programming examples, and hopefully give food for thought for more experienced developers.

Presenter Bio:

I am a 12-year US Army Veteran, when I worked as a Russian linguist, crypto-analyst. After the Army, I worked for the US State Dept. as a Russian linguist.

I learned Arabic while in the Army, but unfortunately don't remember much anymore. I was fluent in Russian, however.

I have a dual BA in Russian Area Studies and Business, an equivalency BS in CS, and currently a graduate student in CS Software Engineering at Depaul. I received a graduation certificate from THE FIREHOSE Full Stack Software Developer program. It was a full time 8-month long program that covered all the bases in Ruby on Rails development and Testing.

My specialty is focusing on decentralized, distributed and concurrent systems. I am studying the DRB (Distributed Ruby) module that was introduced way back in Ruby 1.8 or 1.9. I am focusing on improving it, making it more compliant with real-time systems and integration possibly into new protocols like Torrents and WebRTC, if possible.

I discovered a love for programming about 2 years ago, and it started with Ruby. I am most proficient in Ruby. I also speak C, Python, Java, x86 Assembly, C#, and have begun to play around with Crystal, Truffle Ruby, Groovy, Nim, Rust, Go, and now checking out Pharo, an upgraded and modernized version of Alan Kay's SmallTalk.

Based on my background, you can probably tell that I like languages, doesn't matter if it's human or computer. But, I find learning a computer language far more difficult than I could have ever imagined.


Got something you'd like to share? We'll be happy to give you the stage! We're always looking for presenters.

We meet on the third Tuesday of every month, usually at GoDaddy in Tempe but we are looking for other locations around the valley. Please reach out if you can offer up space for a meetup!

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