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Phoenix, AZ /

Linux Night

HeatSync Labs 108 W Main St. , Mesa, AZ 85201 (map)

Join us at Heatsync Labs for our monthly "Linux Night".<BR> <BR> Bring your PC, Laptop, RaspberryPi, Odroid, Rock64, BananaPi and all SBC devices. We have laptops and RaspberryPi(SBCs) you can use to learn if don't own one.<BR> <BR> Want to hang out and learn? Bring yourself. <BR> Have a project you need help with? Bring it. <BR> Able to teach your knowledge to others? Teach it. <BR> Have a project you want to show off? Show it. <BR> Just want to hangout with others that have a focus on Linux and Open Source? Come on down.<BR> <BR> Most Linux nights will start with an event focused on a subject then goes to open discussion after. <BR> <BR> Event - Learn how to make your own NAS (Fileserver) using PC or RaspberryPi/Odroid with Samba and snapshots and make accessible via Windows "Previous Versions". <BR> Event - Learn how to install different Desktop Mangers and Desktop Environments and learn the differences. <BR> Event - Learn how to setup and manage your own VPN using OpenVPN<BR> Event - Learn how to setup and manage reverse SSH connections with private keys <BR> Event - Learn how to make your own Cloud VPN/Backup/Seafile server using DigitalOcean VPS <BR> Event - Learn how to make an auto mounting USB NAS using RaspberryPi or Odroid. (Plug in any USB drive and will auto mount and share to Windows computers)<BR> <BR> Event - Linux Pron Night (Make your console and desktop beautiful) <BR> Event - Learn how to install, create and manage KVM virtual machines. <BR> Event - Learn how to install, create and manage LXC Linux containers.<BR> More and more as we keep going...

Work Space

HeatSync Labs


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