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Phoenix, AZ /

Data Analyst to Data Scientist Launch: Variables, Data Types, & Expressions

Galvanize 515 East Grant Street , Phoenix, AZ (map)


Excel for me was my first programming language! Not VBA (although that did come into play later). Rather just painstakingly manipulating functions and formulas to get the desired spreadsheet interaction I wanted on the page. Over my career, I learned a great deal about drawing parallels between Excel and the future languages I would learn like Python. I want to share this knowledge and hopefully, encourage more to feel comfortable with stepping out of a spreadsheet and into a more feature rich language. This is a series that will build on each lesson from the prior month but all events will be recorded so you can always catch-up if needed. For the launch event we are starting from the beginning so we are hitting variables, data types and expressions in Excel and Python!

Who this is for:

This will make you an Excel power user if you are not already and if you are it will help you on the path to transforming into a Data Scientist that is comfortable with core programming languages like R & Python.


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