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Phoenix, AZ /

May 2018 Cocoaheads - A Pre-Success Story: Trying to make it on the App Store

Tallwave 6263 N Scottsdale Road #180 , Scottsdale, AZ (map)

Dan Hixon will be speaking about his experience trying to make a living on the app store with Sky Tripping.

First Topic: A Pre-Success Story - Dan Hixon

"The problem with success stories is that they are only told by the people who have succeeded. This is called survivorship bias.

I’ve been self-employed for two and a half years trying to make a living in the App Store. My business partner and I travel to remote and beautiful places to capture aerial videos for our relaxation and meditation app: Sky Tripping. To make an omelet you must break eggs; We’ve crashed about $10k worth of quadcopters. I’ll tell 4 drone crash stories - how they shaped our business and attitudes about failure.

I want to share my story precisely because it isn’t a bona-fide success story yet. I hope I can inspire you with it–I hope my talk will help you try something you’ve been wanting to try."

• • • •

I’m Dan. I’ve been a web developer since the 90s and I started learning a new trick 2 years ago in iOS development. I overthink just about everything except for life’s big questions. As co-founder of Sky Tripping I’m excited to be helping people through the secular practice of mindfulness. I love being able to combine technology with wellness for the benefit of others.


We're always looking for new speakers, so let us know if you're interested.

All experience levels welcome! We'll be bringing in small tips-and-tricks for new developers in addition to the talks above.

Come join us starting at 6:30pm for informal discussion and networking.

At 7:00pm we'll come together for introductions and talk about something interesting that happened with iOS/Apple development last month followed by the presentation ending at 8:30pm.

For new members: Head around the back of the building and you'll see the group through the window. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out privately via the Contact button.


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