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Phoenix, AZ /

Dynamic Proxies with Stjepan Rajko

Foothills Recreation Center 5600 W. Union Hills Dr. , Glendale, AZ (map)

• What we'll do

Dynamic Proxies! You probably never heard of them, and yet it's likely that you have used them. This talk will include a brief overview of Dynamic Proxies - a generic programming technique that allows you to monitor and control the behavior of an underlying type, and the Castle Proxy Library - an elegant open source dynamic proxy library that's been used in mocking libraries like Moq and Rhino Mocks, as well as ORMs like NHibernate. We will also go over a flexible formula dependency / recalculation framework built using dynamic proxies - you can think of it as a programmatic excel spreadsheet, with automatic change notifications and recalculations.

If you ever need to do custom mocking, or maybe log or measure timing for method usage across the board, or any other functionality that requires you to monitor or control the behavior of various types, dynamic proxies might be your friend!


Stjepan recently joined OfferPad, where he is (among other things) leveraging Dynamic Proxies to create a flexible formula dependency / recalculation framework.

He started working with C# and .NET in 2010, when he joined Axosoft to later become their Director of Tech and Architecture. C# began to contend with C++ as his favorite language when he realized enumerable1.Zip(enumerable2, Tuple.Create) works. He spent the last few years in JavaScript land but is excited to come back to C# with his recent transition to OfferPad.

In his personal life, Stjepan likes to build interactive art projects, grow vegetables, and enjoy life with his wife and two mutts.

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