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Phoenix, AZ /

Ruby::AZ Meetup -- Large Scale Parallelization with Ruby on Rails - Eric Garside

Freshly 111 W. Monroe Street, 18th Floor , Phoenix, az 85003 (map)

Eric will be presenting the soon-to-be open sourced Ruby gem called ActiveBatch. This generic and extensible framework allows any Rails application to elegantly parallelize large batches of background jobs using any queue adapter (Resque, Sidekiq, etc). Come learn about the endless edge cases Freshly encountered (and overcame) to build a mission-critical and fault tolerant solution for speeding up their daily charges by an order of magnitude!

Eric Garside is the Tech Lead at the meal subscription company Freshly where he manages software projects and engineering initiatives for the entire technology team from their corporate headquarters in New York.

A former front-end specialist turned full-stack developer and eventually tech lead, Eric has been developing Javascript, Python, and Ruby software for the past 15 years. He has been a chief architect and developer on projects in adaptive learning, educational and content management, and retail e-commerce.

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