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Phoenix, AZ /

Beginners React - Lightning Talks

Tempe Transportation Center, Don Cassano Conference Room 200 E 5th St , Tempe, AZ (map)

This meetup is hosted by American Express. Thanks, Amex, for providing the space, food, and opportunity, and being rad by building up our Phx dev community!

We are sponsored by TAISTech. If you're looking for a dev job, stop! Let them use their connections to hook you up with a job up your alley!

Architectural Patterns and React by Dashon Hawkins


Learn how React fits into the world of architectural patterns, like MVC or MVVC.

Container/Presentational Components by Trevor Brown


Trevor is a bartender turned JavaScript wizard who has spent the last few months as a Mentor as DevMountain. After learning React.js he has been looking into ways to improve his code. He stumbled upon the presentational and container component pattern and hasn't looked back since. Trevor will go over the pros and pros of this patterns have give a few examples of how and when to implement them in your code.

Conditional Rendering in React by Jake Leonard


Jake is currently a Mentor at Devmountain, and has about 6 months worth of hands on React experience. After learning full-stack JavaScript at DevMountain, he was able to land a full-stack position (JavaScript and Java) with Perficient a web consulting company and is starting there next month. He will be presenting some examples and ways to conditionally render JSX in React.

Data Visualization in React with Victory by Vinnie King and Tina


The purpose of the talk is to give react devs the confidence to present meaningful data in a beautiful way. At Tallwave we are using Victory for a big client project so we'll dive into some documentation together.

Vinnie is a full stack dev working at Tallwave, in Scottsdale. He spends most of his time building applications for local clients, working mostly in React, node and occasionally React Native.

Tina is a physicist turned self-taught developer (with 3 months intensive bootcamp training at Grace Hopper in 2017), having delved into data analytics, then web dev, currently immersed in node and react land with Tallwave.



6:30 - Eat food, make some code friends, talk to potential employers or job candidates

6:50 - Announcements. Mention job openings or if you're looking for a job

7:05 - Presentations

Other info


The City Hall parking garage is directly across the street from our office (and Don Cassano room).


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