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Phoenix, AZ /

Experienced devs: TypeScript, Event Emitters, Streamlined Redux

Tempe Transportation Center, Don Cassano Conference Room 200 E 5th St , Tempe, AZ (map)

This meetup is hosted by American Express. Thanks, Amex, for providing the space, food, and opportunity, and being rad by building up our Phx dev community!

We are sponsored by TAISTech. If you're looking for a dev job, stop! Let them use their connections to hook you up with a job up your alley!

TypeScript and React by Ashwath Segu


Ever wished you had a strongly typed version of JavaScript? Look no further cause TypeScript is your answer! Join Ashwath and he’ll show you a way to develop self-documenting code that is a sure productivity booster! Ashwath is a full-stack developer at American Express and enjoys working with ReactJS. He’ll be walking you through a ToDo app in React with TypeScript and hopes to leave you wanting to make the move to TypeScript. Grab hold of him on

Event Emitters by Garrett Tacoronte


Redux took the React ecosystem by storm in 2014. If you weren’t using Redux to store everything, you were doing it wrong. Since then people have slowly started to experience React’s local component state and loved it! But how do we solve challenging problems like across app communication without something like Redux? Garrett is going to walk us through the idea of using event emitters to communicate instead of a global store like Redux.

Garrett works at InvitationHomes using React and Node by day and is a husband and father by night. See Garrett's work at

Streamlined Redux by Gordon Forsythe


Gordon Forsythe works for Pagely and has 4+ years of React experience and has been building web applications and RESTful APIs for ~20 years. He also runs the valley PHP developers' group azPHP.

Gordon will be talking about streamlining Redux action creators and reducers dealing with making API calls (and related middleware). You can learn more about Gordon's work at



6:30 - Eat food, make some code friends, talk to potential employers or job candidates

6:50 - Announcements. Mention job openings or if you're looking for a job

7:05 - Presentations

Other info


The City Hall parking garage is directly across the street from our office (and Don Cassano room).


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