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Phoenix, AZ /

npm install gulp@next

CO+HOOTS' New MIDTOWN Location 221 E Indianola Ave. (Above Parking Structure) , Phoenix, AZ (map)

• What we'll do

It seems like like gulp 4 has been in development forever - especially for Blaine, the lead maintainer. As of 2017 (Dec 31st is still 2017, right?), it’s finally released! Join him to learn about the new version. He’ll discuss what gulp is and why you might use it, then show how the new APIs differ from the old ones. To wrap up, he’ll demo some of the new features.

About Blaine:

Blaine is a Phoenix-local software engineer working on developer tooling & next-gen frontend stacks and best practices. He believes that webpack is easily replaceable but hasn’t found someone to pay him to build a better competitor yet.

• What to bring

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