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Philadelphia, PA /


Find your Vibe

  • Employees: 5-10
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    1608 Walnut Street, Suite 1200, Philadelphia, PA 19103


Vibespot is a social discovery and engagement platform that shows what’s happening around you using emojis on a map. It is the first location-based social media platform that helps you choose the right venue while transforming every venue into a community of friends and creating an engaging experience. Our goal is to bring people together in real life and create a sense of community everywhere they go by making Vibespot an essential tool for urban millennials looking to go out or engage with their community.  Vibespot is a company born in Philadelphia and at its core, it strives to create the Brotherly Love spirit of Philadelphia by providing a tool for engagement and participation in one’s community and sending a feel-good message.

Our technology utilizes real-time crowdsourced information from users to bring organic and robust content happening around their community. Curated events and venues enable users to discover places and events where they can meet new people. By connecting users at venues digitally, Vibespot disrupts the way people interact at these places. Additionally, plugging into a venue with Vibespot can unlock exclusive deals and specials. Vibespot allows venues to manage or promote their vibe, share what’s happening, and reach out to their target audience in a unique way. Increasing social engagement before and after users get to the venues create a positive experience for the customers and a positive impact on the businesses. In summary, we add a social element to the discovery process and the relationship between consumers and venues.