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Philadelphia, PA /


Teamability®: The new way to know how people will perform in teams.

  • Employees: 5
  • Funding: 15 (and growing) awesome (very) private investors, SBA, and a successful crowdfunding, plus a lot of founder skin, sweat, and soul.
  • Phone: 215-825-2500
  • Email:
  • 208x110 Address:

    One Penn Center
    1617 JFK Boulevard
    Suite 1040
    Philadelphia, PA 19103


All about business

Teamability was engineered to identify and organize the way people will work with others to serve team needs. 

A completely new ‘technology of teaming’

Teamability is not derived from personality or IQ testing, from EQ, strengths, or engagement surveys, or from any other familiar tools or methods.

New and vital support for management decision making

Teamability will reveal, in a clear and simple Team Analysis report, the underlying causes of underperformance, as well as logical, structured solutions that really work.

Key to successfully navigating growth and change

Teamability provides integrated methods for selecting the right team players, giving them the right job responsibilities, and designing team structures capable of consistent superior performance. For companies that are consolidating or growing by acquisition, it's also the new, essential step in the due diligence process.

Delivering extraordinary business results

Preferred Sands, a $1 billion+ firm was awarded the SuperNova® prize for emerging technology for their success in using Teamability to resolve persistent performance problems. Simply by adding Teamability to the firm’s existing hiring processes, the company's 30% rate of new-hire turnover virtually disappeared. The business benefits of Teamability have been further verified by the experiences and testimonials of managers, executives, and business owners in various market segments and functional areas of business, from startups to giant corporations and institutions.