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Walnut Street Labs

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We Create and Grow Startups

We run an early-stage incubator. We’re different than all the others. We are active in the development and running of all the companies in our incubator. We pair ourselves with a domain expert or innovator and then bring a rapid product management process to bear on the nascent idea. We also create our own innovations and run them through the incubator. Here are the projects we are working on:

  • MongoSluice
  • Areshay
  • Rentalist
  • SmartAudit

We Create Innovation for Our Community

Innovation drives the economy. It’s too important to not be deliberate about creating it. One of the first things we recognized about Greater West Chester is that it’s almost a city. Philadelphia and other cities benefit from innovation derived from people bumping into each other. They meet on the street, at coffee shops, at events—ideas spread quickly. This area has enough raw resources to power innovation — we just needed a clubhouse. Now we have one. And this is what we do to create innovation: 

We Create Innovation for Our Clients

Innovation can come from anywhere. Oftentimes, an organization will look externally when it needs to vault forward rapidly. Walnut St. Labs offers businesses—both small and large—cross-disciplinary services, including product management, marketing, training, HR, design, communication and more. Here are some of our clients: 

  • Unisys
  • Chester County Economic Development Council
  • Zoetis
  • Aetna
  • Medecision
  • InsightsOne
  • Media Analytics
  • Winning Golf TV
  • ConnectHub
  • Vecco International
  • Waste Oil Recyclers

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