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Philadelphia, PA /

Designed With Love (by Xfinity)

Comcast Technology Center 1800 Arch St , Philadelphia, PA 19103 (map)

When you design at Comcast, you’re designing for an audience of millions. And among those millions are your best friends, your neighbors, and your parents (who STILL can’t figure out how to program their remote). We consider ourselves lucky to solve problems that affect so many people.

So what can we solve next? Changing our company from one you think you know to one you trust and maybe even love. Learn how the Xfinity design team is making the move toward brand love—with a multi-faceted approach to everything from tangible hardware design to sound and voice interfaces to groundbreaking customer and service relationships, and more.


5:30 - 6:30 pm: Networking & Introductions

6:30 - 8:00 pm: Presentations & Q&A



Pleased to meet you: Designing first impressions

Michael Jou, Creative Director, Hardware UX & Industrial Design

At Comcast, the Experience Design team has worked hard to build up the confidence to say “Hi.” Find out how our team creates not only the physical products our customers use, but the company’s first handshake with our users.

Designing the space between people and products

Elijah Vargas, Director, Voice User Interfaces and Device Interactions

Voice User Interface design is about more than just voice. It’s about speaking and listening, using non-verbal audio as a wide-reaching resource to create better UX and voice experiences. Learn to avoid the trap of optimizing for voice alone, ways to guide users in ways visuals cannot, and things to consider in bringing your brand to life.

Where customers meet corporation: Designing the balance

Sabina Fletcher, Creative Director, Xfinity Digital Self-Service

To develop and execute a strategic vision and full end-to-end product experience that spans customer- and employee-facing products, you need more than numbers. Hear how we’ve moved beyond just data to center our design on empathy and the balance between business and customer needs.

Oh, word? Designing our conversations

Catie Haelig, Content Director, Xfinity Digital

Shorter attention spans. Smaller screens. Better design. Contrary to popular belief, these things all make words _more_ important. Learn how our copywriters deliver work that, at its best, is invisible. And learn how incorporating writers throughout our design processes improves not just the stories we tell, but the experiences we deliver.



Comcast Experience Design

We’re a fast-moving, quick-thinking team of innovators, researchers, strategists, and designers. We show up, come prepared, work hard, and have fun doing it. Our love of entertainment, technology, and design is evident in everything we touch. With more than 40 design patents and awards under our belt, we like to stay ahead of the curve.

Our Experience Design team collaborates with leaders across the company to create incredible design, technology, and entertainment experiences that connect millions of people to the things that matter most to them. We deliver Xfinity. And Xfinity delivers the best in TV, Internet, home phone, mobile phone, and home security — all while providing customers with instant access to everything they love.





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