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Philadelphia, PA /

Philly.rb - Workshop: Upgrade Rails 101

City CoHo Philly Nexus 180 South 24th Street , Philadelphia , (map)

Upgrading Rails is easy, right? Sure, as long as you are upgrading your patch version. A Rails upgrade in a big application is not a trivial project: It took GitHub a year and a half to upgrade from Rails 3.2 to 5.2.

While upgrades have become easier with every new Rails version, your application has only become more complicated with every new dependency you added.

In this workshop you will learn a proven Rails upgrade process for major and minor version changes of Rails. You will leave this workshop with a roadmap to upgrade your Rails application.

# Instructions

Before you attend this meetup, please make sure your Rails application bundles in your current development environment.

Also, bring your own computer and charger.

# Presenter

Ernesto is the Founder of Ombu Labs, a software development company based in Philadelphia. When he is not playing table tennis, he likes to maintain a few Ruby gems. He is passionate about writing Rails, launching minimal products, coaching entrepreneurs, contributing to open source, and eating empanadas.




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