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Philadelphia, PA /

GutenStuff! Cool new developments for the WordPress Block Editor

1776 1608 Walnut Street 12th Floor, Philadelphia, pa 19103 (map)

For our Tuesday, March 19th meetup, we'll be at 1776 once again, at 1608 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19107, from 6:30 to 9pm.

Join us for a Gutenberg learn up! Chris Diehl, our speaker, will discuss the new Gutenberg block editor, showcase some innovative new 'block suite' plugins, and open a discussion about the potential future of the WordPress platform.

It'll be a fun evening of learning what is new and how you can use it!


Parking: Here are 3 options (there are more, of course.)

Cheapest: Realen Gateway Garage, 1540 Spring Street. $7 if you arrive after 5pm. 8 blocks away. (Spring Street is between Race and Vine.)

Next:[masked] Arch street. $10 if you arrive after 5pm. About 5 blocks away.

Closest: 1616 Sansom. $13 if you arrive after 5pm. About 1.5 blocks away.

We also want to thank A2Hosting, our sponsors, who provide financial support that helps pay for our venue. If you are looking for a web hosting company, check them out at


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