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Philadelphia, PA /

Philly DevOps April Meetup

The Comcast Center 1701 John F Kennedy Boulevard , Philadelphia, PA (map)

Note: Please ensure your correct name is part of the rsvp, Comcast security has been tightening up on letting people in who haven't registered properly. I submit the attendee list to Comcast first thing in the morning on the day of the event. I can't get you in past that.

6:30 - Food and whatnot, Courtesy of Comcast

6:40 - Welcome - Announcements from the DevOps Community

6:45 - 60 Seconds Each from 5 People That Are Hiring

6:50 - A Word from our After-Meetup Sponsor - TBD

7:00 - Gates: Why manual intervention in your pipeline is an anti-pattern, and how to overcome it

Summary: Manual steps during your CI/CD pipeline is usually a necessary stage as your devops maturity increases, but lots of teams end up relying on them to provide deployment stability instead of build out proper automated testing, deployment, and monitoring. Jonny will talk about the benefits of removing manual gates from your pipeline, the issues that are presented when doing so, and how to overcome them. The talk also includes a technical demo of using IOT devices to engage your team and encourage them to deploy more often.

Jonny Sywulak is a Principal Architect for Stelligent, helping delivery teams reduce cycle time and increase quality of their products. He's worked with both enterprise corporations and government agencies to achieve success moving their applications in the cloud and building a strong devops culture. He has recently has worked with a federal agency to modernize a monolith application into containerized microservices, deploying all the way to production on every commit. He also uses way too many emojis in his commit messages.

8:10 - After-Meetup Drinks Sponsored by TBD


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