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Philadelphia, PA /

Value of Agile

Microsoft 45 Liberty Blvd , Malvern, PA (map)

Our monthly meeting will be held January 16 from 5:30-8:00 on the second floor of the Microsoft Malvern MTC in Malvern. Refreshments are provided courtesy of Apex Systems.

Scott Ocamb - Agile Coach

This presentation will discuss the Value of Agile and how we can predict dates and manage a budget using Scrum and Kanban. The following points will be covered:

• Why – why we should even bother with using Agile.

• Fundamentals – basic building blocks of an Agile approach.

• Scrum Overview – basics of Scrum.

• Kanban Overview – basics of Kanban.

• Estimation – in order to predict dates, we need a lightweight way to estimate features.

• Budget and Schedule – basics of a budget and a delivery schedule.

• Progress and Scope Creep – we need to understand our progress and the effects new and changed features will have on budget and schedule.

We will then walk through an end-to-end DevOps Pipeline using a very simple MVC application and see the following:

• Make a change to the application using Visual Studio.

• Commit the change to a Sprint branch in Git.

• See an Continuous Integration build run in the sprint branch.

• Release the change to the QA environment.

• Test the change in the QA environment.

• Perform a pull request from the Sprint Branch to the Master Branch.

• Perform a code review.

• See an Continuous Integration build run in the master branch.

• Release the change to the Staging Environment with approvals

• Test the change in the Staging Environment

• Swap the Staging slot with the Production slot with an approval.

• Test the change in production.

• Rollback the change to simulate a production issue.

This session will live stream on Mixer at our channel

All meetups are recorded and appear on our YouTube channel at


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