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Philadelphia, PA /

Leading While Female

WeWork 1601 Market Street , Philadelphia, PA (map)

By now you have probably been exposed to statistics about how the percentage of women dwindles with each step on the ladder up to

the C-suite. While there are many theories about why this occurs and

probably many contributing factors, the gender penalty is front and

center in terms of keeping women from rising with more consistency.

Women are penalized for violating prescribed gender roles – for being

more ambitious and career-oriented than “traditional female norms”

find acceptable. And on the flip side, they are often critiqued for

bringing “traditionally female” behaviors and beliefs to the workplace.

With a pipeline full of women who do have aspirations to lead, and who

are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top, how do we as a

culture overcome our biases to help them flourish? And how do we

learn to embrace the unique skills and outlooks that female leaders

have to share with their colleagues – rather than treat them as on-the-

job hazards?

In this interactive presentation and panel session, three executive

women will share their perspectives, observations, personal stories,

and unrelentingly optimistic attitude about the future for female



6:00 - 6:45 pm: Networking

6:45 - 8:00 pm: Panel Discussion



Aurora Archer is a digital leader with a proven track record in transforming businesses, brands, and organizations through technology. Aurora has launched brands and lead growth in global markets for Fortune 100 companies such as Acer, Xerox, and HP. She has been honored for her role as a marketer and tech leader by numerous industry associations and featured in a cover story in Working Mother magazine. She co-founded Bellatrix Group in 2018 to bring her diverse skill sets and experience directly to health and wellness clients, and to help pave the

path for female entrepreneurs.

Pamela Raitt is a creative strategy leader who has spent the last 20 years helping brands turn customers into loyalists across channels, touchpoints, and devices. Pamela helped brands like Yahoo! eBay and Microsoft establish compelling persona-based brand experiences and has gone on to spearhead large-scale digital initiatives for clients as diverse as YouTube, Bank of America, and AstraZeneca. Pamela is an avid public speaker most recently appearing at SXSW 2018. She co-founded Bellatrix Group in 2018 to bring her diverse skill sets and experience directly to health and wellness clients, and to help pave the path for female entrepreneurs.

Vanessa Kreckel created Two Paper Dolls, a pioneering custom design house that foreshadowed the desire for customization across all aspects of the wedding industry. 18 years later, Vanessa expanded what is now called TPD Design House by bringing her unique form of storytelling and personal branding to corporate clients and luxury niche businesses.



We have 3 amazing women-owned companies as our Sponsors! The letterpress and design studio, TPD Design House has made an impact across all aspects of the wedding industry with work featured in national magazines and design publications. Hatch Motherhood is the only medically-based support program that addresses the physical, emotional and educational needs of new and expectant mothers. And, Bellatrix Group is a new era consultancy, leading the health and wellness industry from challenge to change.



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