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Philadelphia, PA /

CocoaHeads: Online Book Club: Swift Design Patterns

GoToMeeting: 638-805-901 , Philadelphia, PA (map)

Our next session of Book Club will feature “Swift Design Patterns” by Paul Hudson. Swift Design Patterns will teach you how to write cleaner, more maintainable apps. Drawing examples from Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, and other key Apple frameworks, you'll learn how to design elegant apps that are easier to read, easier to scale, and easier to test.

The book includes over 20 of the most important design patterns for Swift developers, including:

-The model-view-controller pattern that lies at the heart of all Apple platforms, plus MVVM as a viable alternative.

-Extensions, protocols, and protocol extensions that let you architect your code horizontally.

-Notifications, selectors, and the target/action pattern to control code without increasing coupling.

-Observers, accessors, keypaths, and delegation so you can monitor values and respond when they change.

-Archiving data using the Codable protocol.

-Singletons for working with shared resources.

-And more!

Join us starting Tuesday February 6th at 8PM.

To prepare for the first session:

1) Buy the book

The ebook can be purchased for $35 (a $5 discount) at:

2) Show up on on GoToMeeting at 8PM on Tuesday February 6th.

Book Club will be every Tuesday at 8PM.

Attend Book Club:

Via the web at:

or Dial in by calling 1 (408)[masked]

or Download the Mac app from:

Access Code:[masked]

Discussions between sessions occur on the Book Club Slack channel. Get access via:

• If you have questions, contact me on Slack (@matthewtoto) or via e-mail at [masked].


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