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Milwaukee, WI /

Refactoring React

The Box 311 E. Wisconsin Avenue. , Milwaukee, WI (map)

Join ReactJS Wisconsin on April 30th @ 5 pm for Refactoring React!

Zach Willard is a full-stack engineer at Northwestern Mutual. He is excited to dive into this with you and will be doing a couple live demos to show you the differences between these component patterns. Come grab a drink and some food, and join the discussion!

React on its own has a very small API surface. Most of the magic happens in user-land. But, there's a lot out there: Higher order components, Render props, Compound components? Provider methods?

Learn which component pattern will make your codebase better in which use case.

Zach Willard is a full-stack React engineer at Northwestern Mutual. He is passionate about learning new web tech that seems like “Magic” at first. Then, experimenting with it and applying that knowledge to build something cool. Sometimes it’s using ES6 to mash data structures together, or building a React App using a new library. There’s nothing more satisfying to him than that feeling of excitement when he finally figures it out!

Thank you to our sponsor - Northwestern Mutual for believing in FREE coding learning experiences in Milwaukee and providing them to the community.

Medium Article to get you started~

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Reactjs Paz Chentnik


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