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Milwaukee, WI /

MySQL You Should Know, But Don’t

Centare 300 N Executive Dr, Ste 100 , Brookfield, WI 53005 (map)

There was a power outage at Centare and our July meeting turned into a (really fun) pizza picnic/social hour. Aaron's planning to return in September to deliver his MySQL Presentation.


MySQL 101 just won’t cut it in these days of big data, high performance and scalability. Consumers don’t draw the line between slow-performing code and slow-speed MySQL queries. It’s time to step up and stop hoping for these problems to be fixed by the mystical DBA that never shows up. In this talk, we’ll cover ways to analyze a slow performing query, complicated and not-so-complicated joins, tips to get the best performances out of ORMs and more.

About Aaron Saray:

As the Senior Director of Product Engineering at Dealer Inspire (a subsidiary), Aaron spends much of his day telling people what to do. “Make this faster, make it better, have higher quality code” are all common-place … “requests”… from Aaron. But when the rubber hits the road, he digs in deep right next to his dev teams and helps architect and makes proof-of-concepts to solve complex problems. With almost 2 decades of professional programming experience, he walks the fine line of practicality and theory. See what kind of things he’s saying at


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