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Milwaukee, WI /

Build it quick with Laravel!

Centare 300 N Executive Dr, Ste 100 , Brookfield, WI 53005 (map)

In the past, we've had group coding exercises with vanilla PHP, no frameworks. This month, we'd like to try a coding exercise/demo using all the bells and whistles of a full-stack framework, and the framework selected is Laravel 5.5. Joel will show how to rapidly build a real-world application, leveraging all the tooling and helpers Laravel has to offer.

Here's what we're going to build together:

* User registration form

* Login form

* Password reset workflow with email

* Basic CRUD operations on a single entity (let's say a list of MKEPUG events) Each entity will have an Event Name, Location, Speaker and Date

* I log in and see an empty list, and I can create a new event

* I can then edit and save an existing event

* I can delete an event

* Navigating to any entity page requires me to be logged in

Think we can do all that in an hour? Yes! And it won't be some hacky proof of concept. This will be production-ready code with automated tests, database migrations, error logging/notifications, and version control.

Check it out if you're curious about Laravel in particular, or full-stack frameworks in general. Time permitting, I'll even let you suggest features on the fly and see if we can build them together.

Note: If you like this concept, but want to show how your framework of choice is up to the challenge, let Joel and Jeremy know and we can schedule it. I'd love to see Zend Framework, Symfony, Aura, Cake PHP, or any other modern PHP framework you'd like to showcase.


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