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Milwaukee, WI /

Nomad PHP: Behat - Behavioral-Driven-D­evelopment, Functional Tests and Selenium

ShoreTel 1610 N. Second Street Suite 101, Milwaukee, WI 53212 (map)

For years we've pubbed Cal Evan's Nomad PHP online usergroup at our meetings. This July we're going to watch one of his group's video conferences - Ryan Weaver's Behat talk.

This ought to be a fun experiment - and if it doesn't turn too "Mystery Science Theater" on us - we'll all probably manage to learn something!

Cal Evans also sent along a box of goodies including a stickers, buttons, patches, and coupons for a free Nomad PHP meeting for each attendee. We'll also be giving away a single copy of Cal's book "Iterating PHP Iterators". Nobody leaves empty-handed!

We'd like to thank July's sponsor, Insight Talent Solutions, for providing pizza at the meeting. Shoretel will provide the room & beverages.

We'll have a Jetbrains PHPStorm license to give away.

Between meetings, don't forget to join us in #mkepug on freenode (easy web access at

See you in July!


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