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Milwaukee, WI /

React Recipes: Leveling Up Your React Skills

MacGregor Partners 207 E Buffalo St #400 , Milwaukee, WI 53202 (map)

We will look at ways to inject data into your components before reaching for outside libraries. We’ll be taking a look at recipes using React’s built-in features to achieve reusable components: Higher Order Components, Render Props, and Context. This talk will assume you have a general understanding of React and a global state maintainer like Redux or apollo-link-state.


Tammy Tian upgrades legacy code with GraphQL and React as a full-stack developer at Ken Cook Co. Her coding journey was a meandering one. It began in the early 2000s with HTML, CSS and Javascript and after a long break, took her to web scraping with Python for data journalism. She just recently rebooted her skills through a coding bootcamp, Thinkful, where she found React to be quite the intuitive framework.


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