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Milwaukee, WI /

Angular State Management - Reducing State Management Headaches with RXJS & NGXS

MacGregor Partners 207 E Buffalo St #400 , Milwaukee, WI 53202 (map)

Ever lost track of where data is coming from in your Angular app? You believe value A was supposed to be this, but it was that? Which component changed the value? Wait, was it even in this module?!

Come and learn how to manage your state effectively and reduce the number of headaches you have every week. We'll discuss different strategies for maintaining your state between components, services and everything in between. We'll keep a single source of truth so that you always know exactly what your state is and who or what touched it!


Matthew Schladweiler is a Software Engineer Consultant currently employed at Centare. Specializing in all things JavaScript, Matthew works with developers and companies to help them find solutions to their architectural, development and implementation needs. With a decade of experience as a professional chess instructor, Matthew brings his passion of helping others and developing technical communities by speaking at conferences and meetups, as well as blogging and individual coaching. Follow Matthew on Twitter and all things online at @BlackbeardMatt.


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