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Milwaukee, WI /

Know the humans, know the work

Robert W Baird & Co 777 East Wisconsin Avenue , Milwaukee, WI 53202 (map)

Have you ever been in a meeting and thought “why doesn’t anyone know what I’m trying to say”? Or in a project and thinking “how do I get us to speak the same language”? I have found from the various roles I’ve played through my journey to a Business Analyst, that if you get to know the humans you work with, the work will in turn become easier. This talk will be a journey with all the lessons I have learned on how to quickly Win Others Over (WOO) and how to take a step back and learn where your counterparts are coming from.

Mary Robinson’s Bio:

Mary is a psychology girl “stuck” in an IT world. She started her career as an in-home therapist working with autistic children and moved into the IT world with a manual QA role. An interesting journey to server upgrade, hardware support, software support, IVR building to Business Analyst was only possible through hands-on experience, offering to learn and embracing her unique self. She is going to take you on a five step journey that anyone can take to know the humans and how that can in-turn impact your project work.

Please join us!

Meeting Logistics:

5:30 - 6:00: Pizza and networking, sponsored by Baird

6:00 - 7:00: Speaker presentation

7:00: The 16th Minute drink at Stella on Van Buren, first round sponsored by NVISIA

*Please feel free to continue the discussion with us for a drink after the presentation at Stella on Van Buren, attached to the US Bank Building*


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