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Milwaukee, WI /

Lightning Talks

Rokkincat 229 East Wisconsin Avenue Suite #1200, Milwaukee, WI 53202 (map)

Title: Up And Running with React Native - Cody Lewis

Desc: Getting started with new technologies is hard, React Native makes it easy. During this presentation, we’ll get from the command line to a real device in less than 15 minutes covering need to know topics along the way.

Title: On the Commutability of Subtraction -Mike Harris

Desc: Believe it or not but with the right set of data you can "prove" anything. To demonstrate this I will "prove" that contrary to popular belief subtraction does in fact commute! This talk will show property testing using JSVerify and will show theorem proving using Coq.

Title: JS in an IoT Ecosystem -Kurt Brandt

Desc: We created an entire hardware and software IoT ecosystem that is now providing solutions in Aerospace, Defense, Healthcare, Smart Cities and Manufacturing. I'll describe where we have used JavaScript and give some working examples

Topic: Hello, Newman: Testing your API using Postman -Rob DeRosia

Desc: Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow... should prevent you from testing your API. In this talk, I'll share my experience writing JavaScript code to build dynamic test suites in Postman. We'll also say "hello" to Newman - a CLI tool built on Node.js - which allows us to integrate our tests with our CI server.

Title: JS in the Real World: Implementing Wake-on-LAN with Node.js - Hunter Parks

Desc: The more I learn about computer and software engineering, the fewer day-to-day tasks I do in my life. In this talk, I will be sharing my experience of using Node.js to implement Wake-on-LAN functionality into a greater home-theater automation system.


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