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Louisville, KY /

Advanced Business Solutions

At Advanced Business Solutions, our goal is simple. Focus on the client first, focus on their technology needs second.


We look for a DNA match. We find this area extremely important because it differentiates how we interact with our prospects. When we do this we are able to discuss, in depth, if our services and procedures will meet their needs and expectations.

“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.” 
– Booker T. Washington

We didn’t reinvent the wheel.
Customer service isn’t anything new, yet there are so many companies that seem to have adopted a philosophy of ‘what’s more convenient for me’ service.

We just don’t work that way and not being able to receive excellent customer service isn’t something you should settle for.

For almost 20 years, ABS has followed specific methods when servicing our clients and their needs.  These well-disciplined, repeated workplace procedures are what makes us different from other Louisville IT companies.  ABS was built on the premise of helping people, that is the key component of what we do.  It just so happens that we are an IT company as well.  We excel at this by keeping this mantra at the forefront of everything we do because when our clients need us, we are there to help them.

  • Everyday our technicians are reviewing issue tickets; comparing those from the past and present, assertively taking an interest in clients to prevent future problems.
  • Every morning we have technicians who review the files from client data backups that occurred the night before.
    Every. Single. Line. Every. Single. Day.  They do this because this is the only way to assure everything is running smoothly, correctly and again, to prevent future problems.
  • ABS is set up in a way that is personalized for every client we work with.  We know that to receive the best possible service it is important to deal with the same people on a consistent basis.  With our IT Service Department broken up into concentrated teams, our clients are experiencing less downtime and fewer issues because they are able to create a unique bond with the team members who know their IT systems inside and out.
  • When you submit a service call to our local Help Desk, you will find that we have a very highly organized issues process so when you do encounter a technology problem, you never have to worry about someone getting back to you.  That’s because every member of our IT Service Department is local and we all work out of our Brownsboro Road office.  Anytime the ABS phone rings, you will always speak with someone in our office.  Always.
  • We have technicians who are ready to be deployed at the drop of a hat.  If you suddenly have an on-site emergency, chances are we already have someone on the way.
  • Our advanced client relations system allows us to be on top of our client needs.  We can effectively track any issues and watch as progress is being made.  Have a question about something in your account?  Every single ABS employee is able to help, even those you’ve never spoken to before.  Don’t believe us?  Call us, ask for someone in our sales or marketing department and speak with them about your account.
  • We do everything in-house.  Being able to provide ancillary services (instead of outsourcing them) like VoIPdata and network cabling, or IT consulting, is just another example of how our customer service is about the customer, not convenience.
  • We aren’t worried about how much you buy.  Instead, we are concentrating on keeping your systems healthy and foreseeing possible roadblocks that could prevent your business from functioning properly.
  • Our technicians take the time to look at the entire picture.  Not only have they ensured what they’ve done has fixed your issue but they also make sure it won’t cause issues in another area.
  • Having been around for almost 20 years, we’ve been granted plenty of experience and have faced many unique opportunities. With that being said, that doesn’t mean you should trust a company you aren’t familiar with. So, instead of US telling YOU how great we are, or promising you great customer service, we’d rather let our client testimonials stand as proof of our commitment to making you feel connected.