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  • Relative Activity: High
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  • Founded: 2013
  • Phone: (812) 624-1201
  • 208x110 Address:

    Jeffersonville, IN

Velocity Southern Indiana (SI) is nearing launch of its flagship program: a new Business Accelerator that directly funds and mentors promising young companies. This initiative is priority #1 in the short-term as it seeks companies to fund and mentor through critical early stages.

Five companies will be admitted to VelocitySI’s Accelerator every six months. Upon admittance, each team will be offered co-working space in Southern Indiana. As part of the acceptance process, each team will be required to establish milestones and deliverables. Teams will be evaluated and periodically assessed against milestones. Each team will be assigned to or exposed to a variety of mentors and will be given access to technical experts.

Application Details

Participants in the Accelerator will include entrepreneurial teams that generally meet these criteria:

  • Stages: Early stage prototype builders as well as growth companies needing seed funding and mentoring.
  • Scalability: Both product and service companies with high-growth potential.
  • Industries: Open to all business opportunities that have potential to succeed with the available resources naturally found in the region’s environment. Opportunities in logistics, health, manufacturing, mobile technology, and e-commerce are likely to see significant representation.


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