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Louisville, KY /

SEO Gremlins, Gnomes, and Trolls with Eric Michalsen

Ben Carter Law, PLLC 900 S Shelby St , Louisville, KY 40203 (map)

Every second Tuesday of the Month, the WordPress Louisville community meets up. This August one of our newest members has offered to speak, continuing the SEO conversation that started in July.


SEO Gremlins, Gnomes, and Trolls

Your priorities for a Search Engine Optimization campaign are quality content and inbound links from authoritative sites.

Once this is achieved, things start to get a little technical.

Eric Michalsen is a senior backend developer at Straight North, an online marketing and SEO company based out of Chicago.

He has been with the company for 8 years, working in Drupal, Wordpress, Magento, Salesforce, and whatever else the clients

can throw at him. His focus is on site integration with client APIs and weeding out SEO gremlins.

It is these gremlins he will be presenting on:

- Duplicate content gotchas

- Website speed issues

- Next Generation image compression (and the pain they bring)

Eric is new to Louisville, an Acquia Certified Developer for Drupal 8, and believes Comic Sans is a perfectly cromulent font.

Submitted by

Avatar_default_20 Scott Hack


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