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Louisville, KY /

Contract First API Development: Accelerating Delivery & Consistency (and more!)

TEK Systems 700 N. Hurstbourne Pkwy The 700 Room , Louisville, KY (map)

Deven Phillips will tell us about Contract-First APIs:

How do you develop APIs and services efficiently and effectively while improving software quality and team productivity? That's called contract-first API development! By using tools like OpenAPI specification and generator tooling capable of leveraging it, you can leap ahead in your development by generating lots of the boilerplate code, some of your tests, and allowing multiple parallel workstreams within your team. In this session I will show you examples of how you can fast track your API and service development today!

In addition, we'll discuss improvements to the website and the possibility of setting up a shared development server!

Come and join us! We usually have between 15 and 20 Linux users, admins, and programmers show up. Good conversation and networking and, often, a great presentation or two.

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