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Louisville, KY /

November WordPress Meetup: Run WordPress on Your Computer for Local Development

Bean Coffee Shop 1138 Goss Ave, Louisville, KY 40217 , Louisville, ky 40217 (map)

## Howdy!

Every second Tuesday of the Month, the WordPress Louisville community meets up. At our last meetup we voted on the next topic and folks chose how to work on a WordPress site locally on your machine.

## Important note from Alex about the November meetup location

We've often met at the Makespace offices at Plantside drive by default because it was my workplace and they wanted to support the WordPress community in Louisville. However a couple things have changed in the last month: my last day at Makespace was November 2nd, and the Makespace team is now downtown anyway. So we'll not be hosting this meetup at Makespace and certainly not at the building you may be used to.

### UPDATE November 6, 2018:

The folks at Bean Roastery and Cafe in Germantown would love to host us, but they close at 7pm. I'm working with them to see if we can stay a little later while they close up, but for now I'm going to assume that changing times will just be simplest. So I've updated the meetup to be 5:30 - 7pm this month. If y'all can update your RSVP so we can have a more accurate count of who will be able to come, I can continue work with them on the arrangement.

Since folks may not be able to arrive as early as 5:30 let's also do a slight change in agenda. From 5:30 to 6:15 we'll do more general hangout, discussion, Q&A. At 6:15 I'll present our topic (see below) and keep it to 20-25 minutes. That should give us enough time for more questions and vote on the next topic. If the staff let us hangout until 7:30 or so then we'll get that bit of extra time too.

So if you can't make it until the normal time of 6:15 that's totally okay!

## The Topic: Run WordPress on Your Computer for Local Development

Local development is a must for anyone wanting to develop their own themes or plugins, but it's really a great thing for any WordPress user to know is available. Running a local copy of your site will let you try out new plugins and themes, or even the beta of upcoming WordPress 5.0 without any risk to your public site. It even works without an internet connection!

We'll look at some of the common utilities: Local by Flywheel, DesktopServer, MAMP/XAMPP, and also touch on more advanced command-line options like VVV or what modules you'll need if you want to configure your own server setup.

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Avatar_default_20 Scott Hack


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