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Louisville, KY /

Exploring StackOverflow with PySpark

Sullivan School of Technology and Design 3903 Atkinson Square Drive , Louisville, ky 40218 (map)

This month Alex Hagerman will help us get started with Apache Spark by doing a simple analysis of stackoverflow data via PySpark. During our exploration we will talk about:

- What Apache Spark is

- The different components of Spark

- When you might want to use Spark

- When you might not want to use Spark

For this session we will be focusing on PySpark Dataframes, RDDs and Spark SQL.


Each meeting will generally consist of:

• Food & chit-chat

• A presentation and discussion on some Python related topic. This may sometimes include hands-on opportunities, so bring a laptop if possible.

• An opportunity for other "lightning talks" and general discussion of cool or interesting things happening in the Python world.


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