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Lehigh Valley, PA /


The Future of Credit Card Processing

  • Founded: 2014
  • Employees: 12
  • Funding: 1.2 million - Founder Funded
  • Phone: 610-951-4090
  • Email:
  • 208x110 Address:

    1275 Glenlivet Drive
    Allentown PA 18106

Made in Allentown PA | Worldwide

Vendmerce is a payment processor headquartered in Allentown Pennsylvania, devoted to developing the check out process in store, online and mobile. In 2015, Accepting credit cards and digital payments are essential for every business. Vendmerce accepts merchants from 20+ Countries and growing rapidly.

Why We Are Different

Vendmerce was founded with the opposite business model of some competitors, Yeah we said it. We believe all businesses, brick and mortar, eCommerce and mobile must accept credit cards to reach potential growth and success. We partnered with leading equipment manufacturers to offer the newest technology, terminals and card readers to our merchants. When Vendmerce was in search of banking to back our merchants, We didn’t settle for less then what we were set out to accomplish, We negotiated to offer the lowest rates, fast funds availability and no holding of funds just because your a new merchant. Whether your a retail location, eCommerce shop or mobile vendor, Vendmerce has the solution for your business. 

Whats The Hype? | Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is backed by our reputation. We have a 99.8% instant approval rate. We even offer merchant accounts to the .2% that don’t receive instant approval and also high risk merchants.