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Personal Monitoring Mixing Systems

Pivitec was founded in March 2010 by industry veterans Dan Garrett and Tom Knesel. Tom and Dan worked together at Aviom, where Dan was a co-founder and VP of Sales and Marketing and Tom National Sales Manager.

Pivitec’s world headquarters are located in the newly expanded Ben Franklin TechVentures® facility located on the campus of Lehigh University. Pivitec designs and markets hardware and software products for the professional and commercial audio industry. Pivitec’s audio solutions use open Ethernet AVB standards for networking and wireless devices based on iOS (iPads and iPhones). Pivitec V² Mix control software is a full featured, audio mixing application designed for Personal Monitor Mixing in live performance and studio applications.

The Pivitec Personal Monitor Mixing System is composed to two elements: 1, a hardware based audio network; 2, a full featured mixing application (Pivitec’s V² Mix App) running on wireless devices like iPads and iPhones. Pivitec will provide a wired solution in Q1/Q2 of 2013.

Pivitec will enter the Commercial Audio segment in Q1 of 2013 with a series of products designed for audio infrastructure and control. Applications would include Restaurants, Casinos, Board Rooms, Hotels, Airports, and other projects requiring audio networking. Rather than rely on a central processor with a fixed number of inputs, outputs, and control points, Pivitec will distribute the DSP processing outward to each of its devices (endpoints). In this fashion the job requirement and related network size scales by simply adding more endpoint devices and making them visible to, and incorporated in the network.

Pivitec has completed a major design project for another audio products company, received funding from Ben Franklin Technical Partners of Northeast PA, along with various grants and Angle Investors. Pivitec expects to sell products in 25 countries by the end of 2012 and 50 by the end of 2013.