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Ithaca, NY /


Smart phone powered laser tag


A laser tag gun that engages crowds in infinite gaming options through smartphone’s Bluetooth, internet, accelerometer, and GPS tracking. Our laser gun provides an unprecedented war simulation: as you plug your smartphone into SPLAT gun, it becomes the gun's brain and user interface. While in combat, you can track other players on Google maps, your health, ammo, time remaining... In addition, the app will post in real-time on Facebook and consistently track your statistics, such as accuracy, kill/death ratio, etc.

WHY? Today’s gaming offers are alienating and unhealthy; even when played in teams, human interaction is filtered through computers. SPLAT aspires to revolutionize the gaming industry: it takes old-school real-world playing and throws it into the future of social networks. BUSINESS MODEL The gun will be sold at an attractive price and the basic SPLAT mobile application will come complimentary. Consumers will purchase additional downloads such as new games, weapons, shields, and tournaments. This will provide reoccurring sales and enhance product’s life. The hardware will interface even with games developed by third parties.