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Ithaca, NY /

This company profile was submitted by a community member. While the information is believed to be accurate, it was not posted by an official representative of Audiarchy and should be regarded in that light. If you are aware of incorrect information posted here or if you are a representative of Audiarchy who would like to assume control of this profile, please contact us.


The perfect volume for your senior audience during movies and presentations


Audiarchy believes auditory engagement can be a key to mental, physical, and emotional health for seniors.  That’s why the company designs and develops senior-friendly assistive listening technology to deliver the perfect volume and clearest sound to every individual – regardless of their hearing level.  Audiarchy has worked with numerous Fortune 500 clients and is currently installing pilots with the largest retirement communities in the United States.  The company has been featured in the Boston Globe, Forbes Magazine and Wakefield Media.

The Audiarchy Shared Listening System

The Audiarchy SLS uses radio frequency technology to broadcast sound to all Audiarchy Headphones within a 100-meter radius. It is designed to bring more engagement, excitement and vitality to your senior audience throughimproved sound.