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Ithaca, NY /

Ithaca Web People: UI Design Trends | Personal Projects: Facilitated Demos + Group Chat

Funkhaus 416 E State St. Suite 101, Ithaca, ny 14850 (map)

Join us at Funkhaus July 2! We'll be hosting Dana Holdt for a presentation about UI Design Trends! After that, Jesse Miner will show off some of his personal programming projects before we open the floor for group discussion and any demos you might want to share with us!

Possible topics for our lightning talk/group chat include:

What kind of projects do you work on for fun - if any?

Do you prefer to practice the tech you use at your job, or to try new things?

How many abandoned Git repos do you have?

Are you proud of something you're tinkering with and you want to show it off?

And more....

Hope to see you there! Feel free to bring a quick project demo to share :)


Whether you're a freelance programmer, a student of graphic design, or an HR representative for a technology company -- we hope you'll come join us for pizza, beer, and casual conversation!

Here are some links to our slack channel and our Trello if you need 'em:




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