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New to the Growing World of Ed Tech, overEducate Aims to Help Students Find an Efficient Career Path


overEducate came to be when a few friends from different educational backgrounds came together with the same unanswered questions regarding the value of college education. The company is on a mission to introduce a new and fresh approach to the process of selecting and evaluating higher education options.

The idea for the site stemmed from common questions from prospective college students - "In an environment of skyrocketing tuition, is college worth the cost?", "When will I be able to climb out of debt?" With the national spotlight on education and college costs, an increasing number of the 20,805,078 students currently attending US colleges are questioning whether or not higher education is the key to their success. This is absolutely the right question to ask as the national college debt increases by $90 billion every year.

overEducate has entered the stage in hopes of answering this question. With an unwavering focus on connecting the college-to-career pipeline, its site enables students to understand the most efficient path forward to achieving their college and career goals by utilizing the available information and tools.

overEducate is introducing Material Design, the latest in web and mobile design technology, to Education. Most educational sites look dated and not very user-friendly. They’re packed with lots of useful information, but to the point of being cluttered and overwhelming. Many of them have not adapted to be responsive to mobile, and thus end up providing a subpar experience on smartphones, which by the way are now used to access the web more so than their desktop counterparts. That’s letting down a large part of the market. It is absolutely critical to deliver a clean, user-friendly experience to mobile users nowadays. As a result, the overEducate web application was built from the ground up to deliver a great device-agnostic experience. All of the educational resources information is available and usable regardless of where you’re accessing the site from.