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Houston, TX /

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Commercial and affordable use of outer space

  • Phone: 18154 258553
  • 208x110 Address:

    555 Forge River Road,
    Suite 120,
    TX 77598

We provide disruptive use of the outer space environment for researchers, educational users and government agencies via our own open-source facilities on ISS and other platforms such as Virgin Galactic. We also handle small satellite deployment from ISS for everyone from NanoSatisfi to SkyCube and dozens more via agreements with NASA and NASA Ames. We are now offering an External Platform on the outside of the International Space Station by 2014 being built by EADS Astrium to meet the critical need of governments and industry customers for lower cost and better tech validation services than now available. We are already the go-to company for space services. We stand alone in bringing customers projects to outer space.


Our Platforms on the Space Station are the ultimate Plug and Play allowing small open-source payloads to interface with the Space Station's power and data. We also adopt COTS equipment for on-station and in-space use. CubeSats launched a revolution in using space. We have taken this standardization, the efficiencies of commercialization and miniaturization and applied that to low-earth orbit.