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Houston, TX /

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First of its kind second opinion

  • Phone: 1.224.444.9488
  • 208x110 Address:

    5373 West Alabama St.
    Ste 400
    Houston, TX 77056

What would you ask the world's best doctors?
Go straight to the world's best medical specialists for personalized second opinions by phone or video.

2nd.MD provides direct access to leading medical specialists for personalized second opinions via video or phone within about 3 days.

2nd.MD serves employees and their families at innovative companies.

The 2nd.MD experience includes concierge care, a distinguished network, virtual consults, medical record retrieval, notes & referrals. 2nd.MD thoroughly manages each case in order to assure an effortless process from beginning to end.

Concierge Care
First, we assign a trained doctor/nurse to handle the case. This personal care team member is there each step of the way to ensure that the best care possible is received.

Distinguished Network
Next, we recommend specialists best fit for the case, which are selected from our esteemed network of world-renowned U.S. medical specialists that cover over 120 subspecialties.

Virtual Consults
Once a specialist is selected, we schedule a video or phone consultation providing direct access to the best doctors available, no matter the member’s location.

Medical Records
We then help retrieve medical records and provide them to the chosen specialist ahead of time, so that they have time to review the files prior to the consultation.

Notes & Referrals
Once the consult is completed, the specialist will provide written notes. Referrals for top local doctors who accept the member’s insurance are available, as well as, referrals to top institutions that are best equipped to carry out the treatment.