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Houston, TX /

How to build smart touchscreen kiosks using Elixir

1776 Yorktown Street 1776 Yorktown Street , Houston, TX 77056 (map)

Milton Mazzari will present a talk about building touchscreen kiosks using Elixir. To be specific, he used the Nerves project (used for communicating with hardware devices) and Phoenix (a complete solution for building all sorts of web services/sites). He writes:

Building hardware and using Nerves can be fun and also can be really useful, considering that touchscreen interfaces are all around us and they are good for information kiosks, control surfaces, digital signage, among others.

In this meeting I will share my first experience with Nerves. We'll learn about the process to build, develop and deploy devices using Elixir, Nerves, Phoenix, and possibly Scenic too. This includes building a Raspberry Pi-based touchscreen device, learning the ins and outs of Nerves development, creating user interfaces with Phoenix or Scenic, and interfacing with hardware.

This session will be a great opportunity for beginners that want to know more about the Elixir programming language and its ecosystem. I hope you will join us!


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