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Houston, TX /

6 Steps to a Money-Making Brand! - Valentina Gomez Bravo

The Black Sheep Agency 611 W 22nd Street , Houston, TX (map)

Great Branding Sells More! This is a fact, so let’s talk about it! What does a brand strategy look like? How to build a strong brand? The power of good branding and why it can help your business grow and make more money! Now more than ever in our crowded marketplaces, great branding is crucial to personal, professional, and business success; no matter what industry you’re in!

• What does branding really mean?

• Debunking the “I don’t have a brand” myth!

• Why is a strong brand vital for business, personal and professional growth?

• What does an actual comprehensive brand strategy look like?

• Bunker +58’s 6 step framework to D.E.S.I.G.N. a strong brand


Valentina is a creative multi-passionate entrepreneur, thought leader and change maker with over 16 years of brand-building experience helping entrepreneurs, business owners and influencers build the businesses and brands of their dreams; while working towards making the world a better place.

She’s versatility, passion, and creativity at its best. With over 16 years of experience building international brands (Pepsi, Red Bull, Doritos, Gatorade, Volkswagen, etc.), Valentina is on a mission to bring big-agency branding strategies and growth to business owners everywhere.

She’s a multicultural creative brand strategist, an educator, a speaker and a social activist.

With 6 degrees under her belt, she’s founded and directed international startups and projects in the performing arts business, fashion, education, photography, food, social causes, branding, design and digital marketing.

She speaks Spanish, English and German. Her multiple degrees and experiences with different cultures make her a competitive and strong asset to have by your side.

Empathy and education are her most important platforms. Always striving to become a better version of herself and to make change happen on any scale, Valentina volunteers with many organizations locally and internationally to create lasting impact in many communities around the world.

Among her favorite things are her family, her friends, her dog Hershey, strong coffee, dark chocolate, and watching documentaries while figuring out how we can make the world better, every day.

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