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Houston, TX /

Emerging UX Standards - Lessons from the UXPA 2018 Conference (Part 1: VUIs)

PROS Pricing 3200 Main St 77002 , Houston, TX 77002 (map)

UX standards are now emerging for a number of forward-looking technologies, which include VR, AR, AI, and VUI. Innovations across these technologies are influencing user experiences in unpredictable and profound ways. The recently held UXPA 2018 conference happened to feature a great deal of information from experts who work with and study these technologies. So now we have a fresh set of new UX guidelines dealing specifically with VR, AR, AI, and VUI. This presentation will be the first installment of a brief series of recaps of the UXPA 2018 reports and presentations.

Installment 1 will focus on VUI / conversational interfaces. Conversational interfaces are currently in their second generation of evolution. The first generation was IVR (which is that familiar phone-based interface where you hear “press or say one to hear your account details”). The second generation is represented by apps like Google Now, Siri, and Cortana. These interfaces are experiencing booming popularity and usage in the consumer market. If you are a UX practitioner designing a VUI, what should you be considering? How do you “design” a conversation? What tools and methods are used to prototype and test these interfaces? This recap presentation will be sharing what the experts are saying on this topic.

About our speaker:

Thomas Watkins is a thought leader, speaker and industry practitioner located in Houston TX with over a decade of experience in UX. He is a life-long learner who has a passion for bringing greater clarity to the world. Thomas has made it his career’s focus to combine technology with design psychology in order to drive business success. He specializes in helping his business partners bring their own brilliant ideas to life, by translating complexity into simplicity. The scope of his work has included interface design for mobile, SaaS system architecture, usability research, and data visualization. Thomas is the principal of 3Leaf Consulting: a local design startup and educational collective here in Houston.

Hosted by: PROS (

3100 Main Street, 10th Floor

Houston, TX 77002

Visitor parking in the garage is free. Use the parking garage at 3200 Main St. and park in any parking spot marked “Visitor” on levels 2, 7 or above.

How to get into the building: In the parking garage, take the elevators to Level 3. Use the sky bridge to walk to to 3100 Main. Once in the lobby, pass the guard desk and look for the elevators. Take any elevator on the RIGHT HAND SIDE to get to the 10th floor where the event is being held. Someone will be there to greet you.


6:30 PM - 7:00 PM - Networking, Food & Drinks

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM - Presentation

8:00 PM - 8:30 PM - Q&A, Networking

Space is limited so please RSVP if you want to be assured a seat.

See you there!


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