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Houston, TX /

Beyond Introductions - Mastering the Connection Gap

Local Office 2617 Bissonnet St Suite 200 , Houston, (map)

THIS IS A PAID EVENT - PURCHASE YOUR TICKET IN THE LINK BELOW <h3>Listening and being heard are two different things.</h3>Dealing with&nbsp;uncertainty&nbsp;came up over and over this last month as one of the BIGGEST challenges you face. We heard you! Now it is time to do something about it.</p>This dichotomy reminds us of the "Telephone Game" where one person would whisper in another person's ear,&nbsp;then they were to repeat that same thing to the next person. At the end what is shared after being "repeated" around the circle was NOTHING like what was initially said.</p>We want you to get the most out of attending our events, and certainly more than just getting to know your circle at Startup Grind. We want you to gain the most from every group, meetup, event, and accelerator/mastermind that you decided to participate in and grow from. That’s who we are!<br></p><h3>Being able to build a fruitful network...</h3>&nbsp;...One that really understands who you are and what you do. For many is a lot harder than it would seem. Because&nbsp;one of your Houston Startup Grind team's mission is “to educate” (the others are “to inspire” and “to connect”) entrepreneurs.</p>We have developed an evening that is a fun hybrid of both learning and practical exercises. The goal is to give you the individual assistance to go beyond the typical introduction of your name, your business’s name, and what you do. The details are the key to a successful introduction.</p>Building trust with sincere language (verbal + physical) and clear explanations takes practice and repetition to accomplish. This is a gap that plagues even the most seasoned of entrepreneurs.</p><h3>Learning with your peers how to...</h3>&nbsp;...present yourself, your ideas, and gain adoption is the lifeblood for entrepreneurs, startups,&nbsp;and small businesses.</p>We will do this using:</p></p><ul><li>Mini-workshop<br></li><li>Speed networking&nbsp;<br></li><li>Feedback from experts*&nbsp;<br></li></ul></p>*( A media professional, investor, and professional speaker.)</p>We chose these 3 areas of expertise because we know the importance for you to be able to shift your delivery and your message to appeal to the audience you are in front of right then.</p><h3>You Gain...</h3></p><ul><li>Assurance<br></li><li>Determination<br></li><li>Tenacity<br></li><li>Confidence<br></li></ul></p><br></p><h3>Every month we invite you to better understand and to embrace Startup Grind’s Values:</h3>Give First (before you ask)</p>Make Friends (not just contacts)</p>Help Others (before you help yourself)</p><br></p><h3>And to broadcast Startup Grind’s Mission:</h3>To Educate, Inspire, and Connect Entrepreneurs</p>Our global community of 400+ chapters in 120 countries worldwide is here for you. Let us know... How may we best assist you? (I.e. - Can we help facilitate warm introductions to businesses, mentors, and/or investors to grow your startup here or elsewhere?)</p><br></p><h3>Ways You Can Participate this Month:</h3>Master the Pitch! - Every month we invite local “Entrepreneur Partners” (Funded Startup, Growth &amp; Enterprise Business Leaders) within our local ecosystem to kick off the event. Use this opportunity to get specific answers to your idea or product. Our community also enjoys hearing about your accomplishments, values or needs. Entrepreneur Partners are invited to exhibit products and/or services before our signature Fireside Chat or Peer Discussion. This opportunity is available for a limited number of businesses, Apply Today!</p>Listen &amp; Ask - Are you a member of our local entrepreneurial ecosystem? We encourage you to come to meet, learn from and have the chance to talk about the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship in our guided peer discussion.</p>Share Your Solutions - Startup Grind Houston's monthly events are an effective and valuable opportunity to share your brand and message with our local entrepreneurial community. Startup Grind’s events regularly attract many influential Founders, Professionals, and Investors. We have several options available, starting at only $250. (Connect Here)</p>Register Now!</p>


6:30 pm: Food + Chat

6:45 pm: Start Workshop

7:15 pm: Practical Exercise

7:45 pm: Feedback

8:15 pm: Regroup + Share


Hosted By

Michele Price, Houston's Chapter Director

"Life-Long Entrepreneur, Professional Keynote Speaker and Fractional CMO", taking a growth-focused approach toward solid and innovative results through visually delicious presentations, team challenges that propel innovation, and ideas that lead to full-fledged experiences. Connect with Michele to work with her, whether she crafts you a customized keynote for your conference or company meetings or you want to develop your team's leadership skills. She is the “Voice” of Breakthrough radio, a global business radio show. Make sure when you visit Houston’s chapter you ask her about how she tamed a herd of buffalo in Montana.

Anthony Covington, Houston Co-Director

James Phelan, Partnership Director

I am an innovator, a thought leader, and a connector for the Houston startup ecosystem. Often described as a "serial entrepreneur" and a "bridge builder," I enjoy sharing valuable insights gained through 20+ years of military and private sector experience. While regularly wearing multiple hats for an array of enterprise, growth, and startup businesses, I contribute a blend of servant leadership, metrics driven analysis, and strategic systems architecture applications across multiple projects simultaneously - Corporate Communications Director for BCV, a global natural resources exporter; COO for Cathexis’ Change Exchange, an Austin-based social impact fund; Consultant to CEDS, an economic development investment (EDI) fund; Founder and CINO for Plāsyn, a "Prop-tech" startup being incubated by the Bunker Labs/We Work "Veterans in Residence" program. I'm also on boards or consult for several other startup companies and startup-focused service providers. Through assisting the regional startup community as the Partnership Director of Startup Grind - Houston and as a Director for The Founder Institute - Texas, I've gained relationships that I enjoy connecting. Other meaningful relationships come from my academic/athletic past in California, lifelong ties to the American northeast, and through frequent travel with my wife and family. I enjoy being an active and dedicated volunteer. Recently I began and participated in Hurricane Harvey and Maria relief and recovery groups nationally (Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico) that have helped directly comfort and feed thousands of families by addressing significant logistical snafus. As a current member of the Board of Directors for and The Washington Avenue Arts District in Houston, I do my best to celebrate and support the local arts. Over the past 10 years I've participated in and spearheaded numerous initiatives that have served to benefit the arts, urban planning, and economic development/ innovation locally, nationally, and internationally.


Global Partner

Google for Entrepreneurs (

Google is committed to empowering entrepreneurs around the world through programs, partnerships, and our products.


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