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Houston, TX /

How smart building is taking operational and energy efficiency to the next level

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Traditionally, constructing buildings was more about concrete, steel, physical form, and conceptual designs. But with rapid advances in the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML), and big data analytics; buildings are no longer perceived only as brick and mortar. Be it a retail store, a restaurant, a commercial building, a warehouse, a hospital, a higher education campus, an industrial building, or even American foursquare – reducing operational costs, conserving energy, meeting sustainability goals, and improving occupants’ comfort is everyone’s goal.

Join this webinar to find out how the integration of different building systems (e.g. HVAC, lighting, electrical usage, video surveillance systems, and other) can unlock the data currently stuck in silos. You will also learn how the smart building solutions in your property can minimize energy usage, save on operating costs, and create a more effective environment for you and building occupants; and how real-time analytics can be leveraged to achieve operational intelligence and to make better, faster decisions. The speakers will discuss the variety of use cases from different industries. They will also cover how building operators, with the help of AI and ML, can do their job better. Smart building is the future now. We view ‘Smart Building’ as an overall package what people want and society needs. How about you?

  • Introduction
  • Comparison of different building management systems
  • Biggest challenges of a typical commercial building
  • Core components of a Smart Building solution
  • How to reduce the carbon footprint and increase the operational efficiency of the existing building
  • Real-life use cases
  • How artificial intelligence and machine learning can add value
  • Demo
  • Q&A session
  • Property / Building owners
  • Intelligent building solution vendors
  • Commercial real estate executives
  • CTO / CIO / IT Manager/ VP Technology
  • Facility managers

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455 Tushar Soni


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