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Colorado /

React, Enzyme, and Barbies. Oh my!

Galvanize - Platte 1644 Platte St , Denver, CO (map)

React, Enzyme, and Barbies. Oh my! by Valerie Kraucunas

Join me on the adventure of building a Barbie database client with React/Redux while adhering to TDD practices. We all know we should test our code, but when actually building, we write our components and PR them without hesitation. When there are already overly-thorough tests in the codebase, we get frustrated by them breaking when we rearrange nav links to meet a business request. 

In this talk, I'll cover, start to finish, how to test your React app in such a way that small code changes won't break tests and slow down your development process. I'll also cover additional tools like Sinon.js and Husky git hooks that make your tests more robust and streamline testing while in development. Lastly, we'll talk about testing best practices and how to apply them in the unique React space. 

Valerie Kraucunas is "one of those boot camp grads" with a bug for tech speaking. Since the career switch, she has worked in software development education, healthcare and cannabis tech, and is now contracting. She has passion for user-driven development and accessibility (and is very excited for Scott's talk).


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