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Colorado /

Introduction to React

Galvanize - Platte 1644 Platte St , Denver, CO (map)

6:00 pm, Dinner and Networking 

6:30 pm, "Introduction to React" with Geoff Filippi

React is a popular JavaScript library from Facebook. React provides a view implementation for Web applications. 

In this talk, Geoff Filippi (Senior Architect at DISH Network), will start by describing "What is React?". We will discuss how React uses components to build applications. Components can be implemented in JSX, an alternate version of JavaScript that allows mixing HTML-like markup and JavaScript. Input is passed into a component through props. Components return elements for display on the screen.

We will have a look at `create-react-app`, a quick React application starter. `create-react-app` configures Babel to transpile JSX to JavaScript, and Webpack to build your application.

Finally, Geoff will demonstrate how to create a simple React app.


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