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Colorado /

Lightning Talks

Galvanize - Platte 1644 Platte St , Denver, CO (map)

6:00 pm, Dinner and Networking

6:30 pm,  "Lightning Talks"

It's time for our annual Lightning Talks meeting -- tasty little bite-sized presentations given by YOU! 

Lightning talks are 10 minutes long, and meant to be a low-stress way for you to get up on stage and polish up those presentation skills of yours. Talk about what you're doing at work. Talk about what you're doing at night to keep you sane at work. Talk about what you wish you could be working on in a perfect world. We can hardly wait to hear what you've got to say! 

If there's a cool new Javascript library out there that you love, here's your chance to tell us about it. If you're using a hot new CSS3 technique, here's your chance to enlighten us. If there's a new HTML5 element that we should be using, here's your chance to show us how you're using it in your application.

To start your inevitable rise to Lightning Talk Fame and Fortune, just send your talk title and a quick paragraph describing what you plan to cover to me -- [masked]

"Thinking in Flex - An Intro to the CSS Flexbox" by Mike Schutte

When I first started tinkering with CSS, I would spend HOURS trying to position my content in a way that matched the vision in my mind. This often involved adding margin or padding, pixel by pixel. Mind you, this was before I even learned about things like Chrome Developer Tools. I eventually heard through the grapevine about flexbox displays, and set out to build a simple app using only flex-box for positioning my content. Since then, I’m a full blown flex-box evangelist. In this talk, I’ll explain how to think and see in terms of flexbox, and I’ll walk through some examples of how to get started with it.

"A Closeup of GraphQL in the Wild" by Sarah Healey

We'll go through what exactly GraphQL does, how to use it to query your data, and who is using it right now.

"A Closer Look at the HTML5 Canvas Element" by Benjamin Matson

This talk covers important properties and features of HTML5 Canvas element, including demonstrations of the 2D and WebGL rendering components.

"Get Funky(tional) With Elm: An Overview." by Jordan Storz 

With syntax and behavior inspired by languages such as Erlang and Haskell, Elm is a functional programming language that compiles down to JavaScript. Jordan Storz describes a few features of the language, some advantages and strengths to the language, and how to get started.

"BlockChange" by Nick Gheorghita

What is a blockchain? What is Ethereum? What are smart contracts? How will they influence business & society?

"Async/Await Will Change Your Life" by CJ R.

We rely heavily on JavaScript's asynchronous nature to get things done; however, async code puts a mental burden on the developer and can lead to the dreaded "callback hell". In this talk I will explore the new async/await feature introduced in ES2017. async/await is THE solution to async control flow, making our code easier to understand and simpler to write. async/await will change your life.

"Intro to Setting Up Enzyme Testing" by Valerie Kraucunas

You've run create-react-app, now what? I'll talk over some of the benefits of using Enzyme to test your components, as well as demo testing a React component.

"Ionic 2: Command line to functioning app in under 10 minutes" by Stephanie Ogburn

"Node Microservices" by Travis Nelson

"Functional UI Components" by Will Klein

"Automated Acceptance Tests with Nightwatch.js" by Kyle Coberly

"Bootstrap Framework for Beginners" by Anita Khedkar

"End-to-end Testing with TestCafe" by Michael Herman

"Ten Ideas for Adopting Microservices" by Geoff Filippi


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