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WORKSHOP: "Observables: On the Road to Angular 2"

Galvanize (Golden Triangle) 1062 Delaware St. 80204 , Denver, CO (map)

All proceeds from this hands-on, lab-driven workshop support the HTML5 Denver User Group.

Angular 2 is on the way, and if you want to be successful with it, you have some homework to do before it arrives.

In Part 2 of this two-day workshop, Scott Davis (author/presenter of the O'Reilly video series "On the Road to Angular 2") introduces you to the new paradigm in web development -- Observables. Whether you're using HTTP/2, a synchronizing client-server NoSQL database like PouchDB, or WebSockets, your new architecture will revolve around streaming technologies instead of the traditional disconnected request/response cycle. And Observables -- currently included with Angular 2 as a part of the functional Reactive Extensions framework, and scheduled to be a native feature of the next version of JavaScript (ECMAScript 2016, 7th Edition) -- are the way you'll interact with all of these streams.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to:

• Use existing functional methods like map, reduce, and filter on native JavaScript arrays

• Use Observables to subscribe to AJAX requests, WebSockets, and native JavaScript events

• Leverage PouchDB to replace your RESTful web services with an in-browser, event-driven NoSQL database that synchronizes with a cloud-based CouchDB instance

• Take advantage of Angular 2's new Observable-based architecture, including subscribing to HTML forms to handle validation

Angular 2 ushers in a new era of web development based on streams instead of request/responses, and Observables are your ticket to ride. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of this new, innovative way to build modern web sites and web applications.


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